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The width of your bimini is the most critical measurement. This measurement is NOT the "beam" or boat width, it is the width where the bimini will mount to the side rails. Width selections come in 12" ranges, and the frame can flex a few inches out or in to accommodate your boat.


Make sure to consider the ideal height to fit your needs. Measure this from the point where the bimini will be mounted straight up. If you have a center console or steering column, you need to take this into consideration. We offer 2 heights at this time - 44" or 52".


How much coverage do you want your bimini top to provide? We have 2 bow bimini tops that are 65" long, 3-bow biminis that are 71" long, and 4-bow biminis that are 95" long. The mounting point is approximately in the center of the top, and the coverage is also split front to back from that point. If you're replacing an existing bimini top, don't measure the flap, only from the first to last bow pockets.

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Bimini tops frames almost always outlast their canvases. When your bimini top canvas has seen better days, a replacement top is great way to save some money and extend the life of your frame. Our replacement tops are constructed with the same quality and care as those sold with our bimini top kits. Each replacements top is made from durable, 600 denier polyester material. This material is waterproof and offers ISO 150-BO2 Standard UV 5.0 protection.

Please note: We only guaranteed that our replacement tops will fit EmpireCovers Bimini Frames. Frame, hardware and rear poles are NOT included with bimini replacement tops.
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Why Do I Need a Bimini Top?

A Bimini top is a must-have piece of equipment for people who like to relax on their boats all day long. When fully deployed, a Bimini top will provide both you and your guests with refreshing shade during hot summer days, and necessary shelter during unexpected rain showers. Most Bimini tops are free standing, providing visibility and ample air circulation, and collapsible, so you can easily fold the Bimini down when not in use.

Our Bimini tops are made from state of the art materials that are designed to provide ample UV protection and exceptional durability. Available in a large selection of sizes, we offer a compatible Bimini for just about any type of boat. Shop our selection of low cost Bimini’s today - and never let too much sun cut your boating trip short again!

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