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Why Do I Need A Boat Cover?

Owning a boat cover is important. When you’re not on the water a boat cover will help keep your boat clean and dirt-free. Elements like dust, grime, falling leaves and bird droppings can cause cracks and abrasions to form on your boat’s paint. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can also cause serious fading on your boat’s upholstery and paint. These are just some of the reasons why a boat cover is a necessary investment for boat owners.

If it floats, Budge has the perfect protective cover to meet your needs. Our marine covers are designed to keep your boat protected whether it's in storage or on its way to the water. Our product line provides top-notch protective solutions such as the heavy-duty trailerable Sportsman 1200 Denier UV-treated boat cover that affords maximum sun and rain protection and incorporates a heavy shock cord hem to give a Semi-Custom® fit.

All of our boat covers come with heavy duty straps to attach over the cover and under the hull for secure towing. Shop now for a wide range of protective covers for just about any size boat and personal watercraft or jet ski.


What Type Of Boat Cover Do I Need?

If you're in the market for a boat cover make sure you know what features to look for. All boat covers should be waterproof, yet breathable to prevent mold from growing underneath the cover. Look for boat covers that are made from durable polyester – like our 1200 Denier, 600 Denier or 300 Denier boat cover. These covers are built-to-last and will keep your boat protected in all-weather conditions. Remember, the higher the denier the stronger and more repellant the fabric.

Perhaps the most valuable feature, be sure to purchase a boat cover that is designed to be used while trailering. Most covers will rip or tear if they are not meant to be used while trailering. All of our boat covers are designed for trailer-use so you can keep your boat protected on the road.

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