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Why Do I Need A Motorcycle Cover?

Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows that there is nothing more thrilling than the open road. However, when the time comes to call it a day, a motorcycle cover will ensure that your bike remains as immaculate as you left it. Dust and dirt buildup, as well as harsh elements like rain, wind and sun, can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your motorcycle’s exterior. Covering your bike with a well-made motorcycle cover will keep your motorcycle in ready to use condition, so you can enjoy your ride at a moment’s notice.

At Budge, we respect people who play as hard as they work. Shop now for advanced protection solutions that will help shield your treasured ""toys"" while in transit, in storage or when not in use. We'll ship your order fast and for free on all purchases (within the contiguous U.S.)!


What Type Of Motorcycle Cover Do I Need?

If you plan on storing or parking your motorcycle outdoors you'll need a cover that will provide superior outdoor weather protection. Rain and moisture can wreak havoc on your motor bike's paint. If you live in a rainy area, choose a cover that is 100% waterproof and not just water resistant. Our Rust-Oleum® Stops Rust® motorcycle cover featuring Corrode Blok™ technology is a great solution for those looking for advanced rain and moisture protection. This cover is made from two waterproof layers and features a VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) middle layer that helps prevent rust from forming on your bike. You won't find a cover like this anywhere else on the market!

For a cover that can stand up to trailering and long-term storage, take a look at our Extreme Duty Motorcycle Cover. This heavy-duty cover is 100% waterproof and secures to your bike to provide full protection from rain, snow, sleet, or dirt and gravel while you’re pulling your bike on a trailer. Complete with tie downs and strapping designed to keep your motorcycle safe and clean while it’s on a trailer, stored outdoors, or in a shed or garage.

If you plan on parking your bike in a garage or under a secure shelter look for an indoor cover that will defend again dust and dirt. Our Indoor Soft Stretch cover is the ideal indoor cover. This form fitting cover is made from a stretchy silk-like material that will fit your vehicle like a glove. It is nonabrasive and will prevent dust and dirt from building up on your motorcycle.

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