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Why Do I Need A Pontoon Cover?

Covering your pontoon boat during the winter months and when it is not in use will help keep your investment well protected, so you won’t come across any unwelcomed issues when the weather gets warmer and you’re ready to get in the water. An uncovered pontoon will be susceptible to harmful elements like rain, sun, snow and dirt. Water damage caused by heavy rain can result in rust and corrosion on your boat’s exterior, while soggy seats and carpets can get infested with mold or mildew. Exposure to intense sun can cause your paint and upholstery to fade and crack. A heavy duty, weather resistant boat cover is the best way to keep your boat protect and ready to use.

We have a large selection of pontoon boat covers. All of our boat covers are 100% waterproof and designed for trailer use, so you can keep your boat protected on and off the road. Each heavy duty cover is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, all year long. We have pontoon boat covers for nearly every make, model and year. Simply enter your boat’s information into our selector above to find the properly sized cover for you.


What Type Of Pontoon Cover Do I Need?

A pontoon cover may seem like an unnecessary expense. However, over time a proper cover can help cut down on any long-term maintenance costs. When purchasing a pontoon cover be sure to look for a cover that is waterproof, breathable and made from a heavy duty material that can withstand adverse weather conditions, like our Sportsman 1200 Denier Cover. This cover is made from waterproof and UV resistant 1200 denier polyester and features a heavy duty shock cord hem to ensure a tight and snug fit. The 1200 denier material is also fully breathable to protect against mildew, dampness and musty odors. This cover is also designed for trailer use so you can keep your pontoon boat protected on the road.

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