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Why Do I Need A SUV Cover?

Whether you are off-roading on a weekend adventure or hauling the kids to sports practice, your SUV will get you where you need to go. Keeping your SUV properly covered will ensure that your vehicle is ready to drive at a moment’s notice. A properly fitting SUV cover will help protect against damage that can be caused by everyday outdoor elements, like rain, wind, sun, dust and dirt.

Here at Budge, we offer a high quality line of protective SUV covers for an affordable price. We have covers for nearly every make, model and year, so you can be sure that your cover will fit like a glove.


What Type of SUV Cover Do I Need?

When purchasing a SUV cover it is important to know exactly what you want to protect against. If you live in a state that experiences frequent rain or snow, look for a cover that offers 100% waterproof protection, like our Rain Barrier SUV cover. This cover is made from a 3 layer material that features a waterproof film and micro-pore technology, which allows condensation to escape through the cover to prevent mold or mildew from forming.

For all weather protection, try our Protector V Waterproof cover. This 5-layer cover is not only waterproof, but is also UV resistant to provide protection from rain, snow, sleet, or sun. The soft fleece inner lining will prevent scratches, and the strap and buckle system secures the cover to your SUV easily.

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