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Why Do I Need A Truck Cover?

A truck cover is an inexpensive and protective accessory that every truck owner should consider purchasing. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions – like rain, sleet, hail, intense sun – a truck cover will help keep your vehicle protected, and as a result will help extend the life of your investment.

From our best-selling value-priced Budge-Lite® truck cover to our higher end lines backed by an incredible 10-year warranty, Budge offers a complete line of Semi-Custom® protective covers for trucks all of shapes and sizes.

Shop now for the perfect cover for your truck. We'll ship your order fast and for free for all orders (within the contiguous U.S.)! 


What Type Of Truck Cover Do I Need?

If you plan on storing your truck outdoors for long periods of time consider purchasing an outdoor truck cover. Look for a cover that can effectively repel a variety of outdoor elements, like sun, rain, snow and dirt. Outdoor covers should be made from durable, weather resistant materials. Our Protector IV and Protector V truck covers offer waterproof protection and are treated to block harmful UV-rays. With a soft, fleece inner lining these two covers offer easy-to-install but durable protection against rain, snow, sleet, and sun.

For trucks that will be stored indoors and may have periodical outdoor storage, looks for a nonabrasive water resistant cover, like our Duro® truck cover. This cover consists of 2 layer of spun bond polypropylene with a water resistant film in the center. This cover is ideal for temporary outdoor storage and will also protect your vehicle from dust, dirt and airborne pollution.


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