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Why Do I Need A Van Cover?

If you want to keep your van or minivan in the best condition possible, a Budge cover will do the trick. Unlike humans, vehicles can’t take shelter when harsh weather conditions, like rain, snow or snow present themselves. That’s why all vehicle owners should invest in a high quality, weatherproof car cover.

We offer a large selection of high quality, affordable covers for vans or mini vans. All of our van covers are sized to fit nearly every make, model and year. Use our selector above to find the best van cover today.


What Type of Van Cover Do I Need?

In today’s market there are hundreds of covers to choose from, so it’s important to know exactly what type of protection you are looking for. If your vehicle sits outside in your driveway or is parked on your street, it will be exposed to outdoor elements that can cause serious damage. Heavy rain or water damage can result in rust and corrosion, while harsh UV rays can cause your paint and upholstery to fade. If your car sits exposed to such elements, look for an outdoor cover that offers all-weather protection, like our Rain Barrier cover. This cover is both waterproof and UV treated, so your vehicle will be protected rain or shine. This cover is also entirely made in the USA and comes with a 10 year warranty.

If you store your vehicle in a garage, you don’t have to worry about protecting it from sun or rain. However, vehicles stored indoors are also vulnerable to damaging conditions, like dust and dirt build up. In any garage, dust and dirt will settle on your vehicle’s exterior. When the time comes to wipe it off, the dust and dirt build up will act like sandpaper, causing permanent marks on your paint. For stored vehicles, look for a nonabrasive cover that is suitable for indoors, like our Budge Lite Cover.

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